2020.08.23 Sunday


   ‘Then again, O Subhûti, that part of the world in which, after taking from this treatise of the Law one Gâthâ of four lines only, it should be preached or explained, would be like a Kaitya (holy shrine) for the whole world of gods, men, and spirits; what should we say then of those who learn the whole of this treatise of the Law to the end, who repeat it, understand it, and fully explain it to others? They, O Subhûti, will be endowed with the highest wonder[1]. And in that place, O Subhûti, there dwells the teacher[2], or one after another holding the place of the wise preceptor[3].’

[1. With what excites the highest wonder.

2. Sastâ, often the name of Budha, Pâli sattha.

3. This may refer to a succession of teachers handing down the tradition one to the other.]


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